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Re: Color-ls package

> On Sat, 16 Mar 1996, Syrus Nemat-Nasser wrote:
> > Fine. So I make a package which includes ls and dircolors in
> > /usr/local/bin.
> No! Debian packages shouldn't touch /usr/local. (As I understand it
> /usr/local is reserved for the individual sysadmin's use.)

Guys!  I think the fellow is looking for a procedure as to how he
_should_ do this!  So, why don't we give some ideas?

Syrus, you might consider packaging it to put itself in /usr/bin as
colour-ls, with a manpage colour-ls.1, and asking the fileutils person
to stuck something in the ls.1 manpage about it.  Or your could ask to
have your colour-ls become the ls binary, with a postinst that asks
whether or not colour should be enabled for the system by default,

Good Luck,


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