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Ctrl-Alt-Del problem


I seem to have a little problem with Ctrl-Alt-Del. When I'm going to turn off
my computer I usually press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot, and when the computer 
reboots I turn it of. 

However, if I do Ctrl-Alt-Del (or hold down the keys just a little to long, 
which to me seems to be a very short interval; which is the way I usually get 
hit by this problem) several times quickly, the system won't reboot. 

Normally when the system reboots, is says something like "Sending processes
TERM signal" and "Sending processes KILL signal" and then something about "cron
stopped" and goes on going down. But when this phenomenon appears, the message
about "Sending processes KILL signal" is the last thing displayed and then the 
system doesn't do anything. I have to push the reset button (Ouch!).

I'm using debian 0.93R6 with kernel 1.2.13, slightly(?) adjusted to be able to 
mount my CD-ROM (ide.c and ide-cd.c from 1.3.9). 
But this is reproducible on the original debian kernel as well (the one that
you create on a floppy during installation).

Now my questions. Has anybody else seen this happen? How should I trace down 
this problem?

Trigger happy, 


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