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Re: Unable to install 1.1, ld.so failure.

> Hi,
> All my attempts to install a new ELF only debian system failed.
> I have installed the base system, then
> dpkg --install ld.so.14-1.deb
> Failed with the error
> /sbin/ldconfig: cannot execute binary file.

/sbin/ldconfig is a static ELF binary, so it does not need libc5.
To run it, your kernel needs to support ELF binaries.

If you have stock 0.93R6, you should 'insmod' the 'binfmt_elf' module
(it's somewhere under /lib/modules) for now.

You should build a kernel that has ELF support in (not as a module)
ASAP though, because only then you can use ELF base packages.

Hope this helps,
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