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Re: Australian Mirror

At 05:30 PM 3/9/96 +1100, you wrote:
>Is there an Aussie mirror of Debian, I know there was
>once before, just wandered if it was still active.

Surely are - read the README.mirrors file at ftp.debian.org:/debian -


     ftp.it.com.au         /mirrors/linux/debian
     ftp.tower.com.au      /pub/linux/debian
     ftp.usyd.edu.au       /linux/debian

it.com.au has 28k bandwidth - I've (tower.com.au) got 64k isdn - we're both
in W.A.  If you're in the East then it'll probobly be benificial to use the
University Of Sydney (?) I think.

Incidently - can someone who has access to master change ftp.tower.com.au to
ftp.tower.net.au please?  They're the same machine, but just getting things
right :-)

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