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Re: Does the 1.1 install hose /usr/local and /home?

In article <Pine.BSD/.3.91.960318144045.4612A-100000@saba.kuentos.guam.net> you write:
>  I am preparing to install from the experimental boot/root/base
>floppies.  Can I safely leave my /home and /usr/local directories in
>place and install over them? 

Don't do this! You shouldn't ever have to reinstall the base system -
Debian is designed to be incrementally upgradable.

To upgrade your system, start by installing the new version of dpkg, using
dpkg -i dpkg-1.0.13.deb

Then you should be able to point dselect at the 'unstable' version of
Debian and have it do the right thing. Remember that this isn't
properly tested yet, so you should have backups.

An upgrade done in this way shouldn't touch /usr/local or /home.

>A second concern: am I correct?  I can just install libc4 over the 1.1
>install and run a.out?

Yes, installing the libc4 package should let you carry on running
a.out binaries. Depending on the binaries, you may need other
'compatibility' packages installed too - for instance xcompat if you
want to run a.out X clients.

Steve Early

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