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Re: Ctrl-Alt-Del problem


Dirk Eddelb"uttel said:
> Why don't you just call 'shutdown -h now'? Much cleaner than to depend on
> 'init' to catch that signal. You can write setsuid perl script (ie a script
> which has the s bit set, belonging to root) so that you can call it from user
> space if you want to avoid su.

Thank you. And thanks to you too Syrus.

Ok, I forgot to mention that the reason I use Ctrl-Alt-Del is that I'm too lazy
doing su - root, so Dirk's solution would work.

But suppose it's only me and nobody else that is supposed to be able to use the
setsuid script. It's not relevant in this case but I'm curious how to do that.

Should I create a group with only me and root in, say kill_system, and make 
the script executable only for this group, while it's owned by root and 

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