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Re: xfig and fvwm in "unstable" tree

To answer my own questions:

>>>>> I wrote:

  Doug> It seems that the conflict between the xpm and the xpm4.7
  Doug> packages in the unstable/binary-i386 tree results in
  Doug> difficulties in getting both xfig and fvwm installed.

  Doug> Is it possible to generate an xfig that uses xpm4.7?

Yes.  Just get the sources for xfig from the source tree, expand them
and run
  make install

  Doug> Alternatively, is there a mechanism under which the xpm4.7
  Doug> package can claim to provide xpm?

I still don't know the answer to that.  You can run
  dpkg -i --ignore-depends=xpm xfig-3.1.3-5.deb 
and the xfig package will be installed.  However, on my system it
won't run because it needs the missing version of the xpm libraries.

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