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ghostscript 3.53

Is a compiled version of Aladdin ghostscript available for Debian
Linux (or Linux in general)?  The latest version of the sources on
ftp://ftp.cs.wisc.edu/ghost/aladdin/ is 3.53.  The version of
ghostscript in the binary-i386/text/ directory is the GNU version
which apparently is at 2.6.1.

I know there are differences in the licenses for Aladdin ghostscript
and for GNU ghostscript so the Aladdin version may not be suitable for
the Debian project.  If necessary, I will compile the sources for 3.53
because I would like to use it for display of PDF files and conversion
of PDF files to PostScript(TM).  However, if there is a pre-compiled
version, I would like to save myself the trouble of doing the
configuration and compilation.

Douglas Bates             Dept. of Statistics, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
            (visiting at: Dept. of Statistics, U. of Adelaide)
   bates@stat.wisc.edu    or   dbates@stats.adelaide.edu.au

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