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FTP causing segmentation fault

I have been struggling with upgrading to ELF with the unstable tree and I 
am at a point where I am completely lost.

Since I managed to install and succsssfully compile an ELF kernel, I have 
been getting segmentation faults and core dumps when I try to FTP any 
large files to and from my machine.  I suspect that I am doing something 
wrong in the kernel compliation or in the way I invoke modules but I have 
tried several different approaches to the compilation and the same 
problems continue.

Right now I am putting both a.out and ELF support in the kernel along 
with ext2fs and msdos.  lp is loaded in by kerneld and it seems to 
function correctly.  My machine is 486DX280 with 2 540 MB IDE drives and 
nothing else special.  Does anyone out there have an insight to yhis 

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