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Adding args for modules

Yo, what might be the proper way with the debian init system to
add an arg to, for example, the ne module on startup. My /etc/modules
includes these two lines but the ne one gives an error when depmod
runs thru the file from /etc/init.d/modules, and doesn't like what
I've done here.

#ne io=0x300

For now I've commented out the above and hardwired the command at the
end of the /etc/init.d/modules script but I'm sure there is a cleaner
more formal way of doing this... well I hope there is.

FWIW, I've managed to get a host on a local ethernet talking in/out via
a linux boxen that is itself connected via a PPP connection to our
main ethernet backbone which is then routed via a Cisco/ISDN to the net,
without using subnets. Mail me if you want the gory details.

Mark Constable (+61 7 55275724)

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