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Re: linux source-1.2.13-x.deb build => what?

  Hello and thank you for this reply to my question.

"JE" == Jeffrey Ebert <jebert@earthlink.net> writes:

  JE> Bill Hogan wrote:
  >> Nope. Evidently it was `CONFIG_PPP=y'.
  >> (I now have PPP in a module.)

  JE> Yeah. PPP must be a module in the 1.2.13 kernel. That doesn't
  JE> appear to have anything to do with Debian. 

    I agree that the reason why source-1.2.13-7.deb will not compile
if the user enables `CONFIG_PPP=y' does not appear to have much to do
with Debian. Recall that the hang-up occurred when gcc tried to
compile linux/drivers/net/bsd_comp.c, in which we find this:

---------------------------- quote ------------------------
#ifndef MODULE
#error This file must be compiled as a module.
---------------------------- unquote ----------------------

    Why `CONFIG_PPP=y' triggers this trap I do not know.

  >> Is it the intention that `debian.rules build' and `debian.rules
  >> binary' be run on the kernel source.deb?

  JE> Yes, I think so. I agree that it is strange to have source.deb
  JE> instead of kernel.tar.gz, but I think the reason is to force symlinks
  JE> to be updated and so forth. Also, some packages depend on source being
  JE> installed (such as ftape), so it is easier to make it a .deb so that
  JE> it can be managed.

  JE> Here's what I do:

  JE> make mrproper	-- If it isn't your first time.
  JE> (*) make config
  JE> (*) make dep ; make clean
  JE> (*) make boot modules
  JE> debian.rules image

   Thank you very much.

   Am I to take you to be saying that `debian.rules build' implies
`make config', `make dep', *and* `make boot modules'?

   If so, that would answer my question except that `make boot
modules' is not something I am familiar with from my pre-Debian phase.

   Fwiw, the confusion that led me into this line of questioning began
a week ago after my curiosity had been aroused by what seemed to me to
be a large number of complaints being posted in linux-pppd and
linux-diald by people who were having all kinds of problems getting
ppp-2.2.0e to compile and/or work with diald and/or linux-1.2.13.

   However, it soon appeared that the process of installing ppp-2.20e
was among other things modifying my kernel sources, which immediately
raised in my mind the question of why the hell I wasn't sticking with
something that was working perfectly, namely, ppp-2.2-1.deb!???

   Unfortunately, by the time I realized there appeared to be no great
advantage in my switching to ppp-2.2.0e, I was no longer sure I could
restore the status quo ante -- so I decidFrom debian-user-request@Pixar.com Sat Mar 16 00:33:15 1996
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The latest kernels have a pile of ISDN drivers but I've no idea how
stable those drivers are.  You'd also be risking the new kernels,
though I've not had too much trouble with 1.3.68...


brand@nando.net writes:
>Hi all,
>I am looking to hook my PC, running Debian, up to ISDN.  I noticed
>that there are about 10 or so internal ISDN boards, and I don't know
>which to choose.  My questions is, are there drivers for any of these
>boards, or must I go to an external ISDN modem?
>I'd appreciate any information you could give me on this subject.
>ISDN... $91 a month!?  Woohoo! :)
>-Ben Goodwin (lost in Shadow North Carolina)
>-I am 'Brand' on the Internet Chess Club.  I'm an admin.  Feel free to telnet
>-to chess.lm.com and play some chess!

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