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Re: Rxvt and resources

Maarten Boekhold (boekhold@cindy.et.tudelft.nl) wrote on 6 March 1996 19:28:
 >Is there a global place I can put resources for rxvt? I now have them in 
 >my .Xdefaults, but would like them to be available all over the system. I 
 >tried putting it in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/lib/app-defaults/Rxvt, but this 
 >doesn't work. /etc/X11/Xresources doesn't seem to be a logical place too....

Well, I think it is a good place... Anyway, you have to compile rxvt
without the fake-resources option. You could also use the latest
version of rxvt, 2.14, and NOT make it suid. If you want to have utmp
records, put utmp in a group together with rxvt, and give it group
write permission.

I already said that rxvt should not be suid root, but the maintainer
claims it should be like xterm. I agree it should be like xterm, ie.
both should not be suid root. This is a bug in X11, and I think debian
should correct it.


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