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Re: Color-ls package nearly ready for release, but I need...

>> (1) Can someone give me the proper syntax for making a symolic link
>> 	for a command with options:  specifically, i need to link the
>> 	expression vdir to 'ls -li' because the color-ls patch consolidates
>> 	dir, vdir, and ls into one binary.  I tried ln -s 'ls -li' vdir,
>> 	but did not get the desired effect.
>I believe that color ls comes with a program called dircolors or something
>like that. Then you typically run eval `dircolors` in your .profile and
>vdir gets aliased to ls -li.

Can this be made to work for all possible shells?  What if you run one
of these programs from a cron job or in a shell script and .profile
hasn't been run?

>The only way is to make the executable perform differently based on
>the way it is called, like the way sz sb and sx are all hardlinks to
>the same executable, or to make vdir a shell script. I prefer the way
>it's currently handled with the aliases.

I'm generally against putting anything extra in profiles as mine takes
too long to run already l-)

Richard Kettlewell
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