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Re: fuser & pppd disk hits

On Sat, 2 Mar 1996, Don Gaffney wrote:
> When I use pppd (usually launched by diald), I seem to get almost constant 
> disk hits for each keystroke in a telnet session. Is there a way to make
> this better? (Ummm, besides more SIMMS, I want 'em but it'll be a coupla 
> months).

That's definitely wrong.  pppd doesn't have to wake up for each packet
sent, unless you have very strange options set.  Not having 'asyncmap
0' might be a cause.  What's in your /etc/ppp/options ?

> fuser doesn't seem to work for me at all. If I use fuser /dev/ttyS1
> during a PPP connection (and the modem is on that port) shouldn't I
> get something returned? It didn't work for the file open by syslogd
> either.

femto[~]$ fuser -v /dev/modem
femto[~]$ fuser -v /var/log/*.log
femto[~]$ su -
RoOt@femto[~]$ fuser -v /dev/modem

                     USER       PID ACCESS COMMAND
/dev/modem           root     11256 f....  pppd
RoOt@femto[~]$ fuser -v /var/log/*.log

                     USER       PID ACCESS COMMAND
/var/log/auth.log    root        77 f....  syslogd
/var/log/daemon.log  root        77 f....  syslogd

Perhaps that was your mistake?  From the fuser man page:
       fuser  may  only  be  able  to  gather partial information
       unless run with privileges. As a consequence, files opened
       by  processes  belonging  to other users may not be listed
       and executables may be classified as mapped only.


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