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FTP Problems!! Anyone?

Ever since I've upgraded to Debian 0.93R, I've been having problems
ftping to certain sites.  It seems I always need to enter 'passive' mode
or turn port restrictions off in order to get a data connection, else I
get an no socket available error ( or something like that - can't
remember the exact error ).  Is anyone else experiencing this, I've
never really screwed with the ins/outs of ftp so if someone could let me
know whats going on I'd appreciate it; seems to me like debian is using
some sort of tcp_wrapper to block certain ports?

-- Michael
Michael Karafotis				karafoti@pencom.com
Member, Pencom Systems Administration		On-Site: Fidelity FMR Corp
http://www.ari.net/webworks/karafotis/		(617) 563-3692
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