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Re: Integrating local changes

Dear subscribed,

Is the name of this group (as a collected unit) called the Debbies (debbies).

At any rate,I am looking for some advice (I can take cheep shots on the above

If you do not want to dilute this mailing list with information that the
wizards of this group have discussed and do not want to rehash, please feel
free to write me directly (a058@lehigh.edu). I am a newbie in linux land, I
have linux up and running on a ps/2 (mca) mod 80 that has been upgraded to a

I have some catch-22s I would like some opinions on.
My wwweb access will not allow binary ftp transfers, I only have ftp, so I
have to have an anonymous ftp server.

I have an mca kernel at 0.91, it will not allow current packages.
I have a second linux copy (lilo boot option) with the same kernel, but all of
the rest of the code is 0.93, it appears to allow current packages to install.
To make an ethernet connection, I need either a working 3c509 driver,
(the 3c509 and mca card 3c529 can use identical dirvers), or a
working 3c523 driver. Both of these are available, but they must be compiled.
The versions of the gcc compiler I have found are all more than 1 diskette (ie
I am unaware of any way to transfer them from a dos (my only connection)
windows via diskette to my linux stand alone (rite now) machine. I have the
same problem with linux source by the way. I could use the loadable module
options of 0.93, but the modules will not load with a 0.91 kernel. There are a
few 0.93 kernels, but they are on the web (and not on ftp sites) and the
browser I have will not transfer them. Kermit will not load (the 0.93 problem,
or the package installation problem). And even if it could the serial port
seems to be halting the system at irregular intervals anyway.

Is there a version of gcc and linux source at the 0.93 level in some other
format (ie tar) or is there a multivolume (diskette) utility I am unaware
of that will work with dos or os/2?

Is there an mca kernel (zImage) some where that has the mca esdi drivers in it
and is on an anonymous ftp site?

Is there another way to do this?

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