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Color-ls package

Thanks everyone for your prompt replies.  I will add the
DIR_COLORS file to my package this evening.  As it now
stands, the package will require the user to install the
'eval dircolors' command in the appropriate place in there
.login or .profile or whatever (I use tcsh).  Is this the best
way to install the package?  Only people who want color-ls will
use it, so should I try to turn on color automatically?
I'm thinking that it's best to require the user to turn it

Where can I place a color-ls.README file to assist a user in
setting up the package?  I believe it is enough for one to read
the dircolors.1 man page, but some folks may not be aware of the
dircolors program when they install the .deb file.

Incidentally, my package consists of the fileutils-3.12 with
the appropriate color-ls patch.  I've modified the debian.rules
and other control files to install the correct files and, of
course, log them with dpkg.  It will replace the debian package
fileutils-3.12-2 with my package called fileutils-3.12-2c (if
this is an appropriate name).


Syrus Nemat-Nasser <syrus@ucsd.edu>    UCSD Physics Dept.

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