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Re: Color-ls package nearly ready for release, but I need...

	Now that I'm home from work, I took a look, and I was mistaken 
about vdir and the other files. Vdir, dir, d, v, and ls are all hard 
linked together. the aliases just incorporate the $LS_OPTIONS shell 
variable into the picture, for example vdir is aliased to /bin/ls 
$LS_OPTIONS --format=long, so that all of the aliased ls commands use 
color, but /bin/vdir circumventing the alias, does work, just without any 
color. The dircolors program echoes 9 lines, aliasing the 5 ls commands 
to use $LS_OPTIONS, one to set LS_OPTIONS, another to set LS_COLORS='', 
presumably so that it would default to /etc/DIR_COLORS, and 2 lines 
exporting the LS_ variables.


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