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Loading debian

Sorry for the newbie question, (standard disclaimer)

but I just received a CD with the debian source on it.  I was reading the documentation,
using my dos reader, and it stated that I should have the CD and 3 (?) boot diskettes
in front of me.  So how do I get/create these boot diskettes?

Also, I currently have my machine configured for DOS.  I have 1 300 meg partition for
DOS and the rest of the 1.6 is unpartitioned, waiting for DEBIAN.  The documentation said
I have to backup disk and load Debian and then DOS.  This is true? :(

-Ben Goodwin (lost in Shadow North Carolina)
-I am 'Brand' on the Internet Chess Club.  I'm an admin.  Feel free to telnet
-to chess.lm.com and play some chess!

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