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Re: cross compilation,assembly

> Does anyone know if gcc was compiled with "mips" cross compiler support?

It wasn't. In general, gcc is configured for a single host-target
pair, and you combine them through clever installation tricks :-)

> What about as?  I'm guessing I'm going to have to grab the source for
> binutils if not, right?

Right. You might want to grab the debian source package, tweak
debian.rules for (1) add --target mips-whatever to the configure line
(2) change the version numbers and package name (3) either use
 --prefix to put it somewhere else, or --program-transform-name (I
think that's what it's called) to prefix everything with nachos-, so
you can run nachos-gcc...

I'd also look at how the aout-gcc package is set up. Strictly
speaking, it's an i386-elf hosted i386-aout cross-compiler :-) so may
already have the right packaging decisions made. (If I'm right, let me
know -- I'll probably do a linux -x- m68k-netbsd compiler kit at some
point :-)

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