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2.2.6 install disks? Re: 24bits and colors 2.88MB floppy images for sparc ? (was: Re: new sparc boot-floppies in progress) autobuilder...glibc 2.1...egcs 1.1.2 Boot failure on SPARCstation 2 Boot from CD is a no-go -bpp option in startx Broken loop device Bug#35073: sun sparcstation ipc Re: Bug#35073: sun sparcstation ipc Bug#35338: Debian slink for sparc boot problem -- ideas building netscape/sparc configuring X CVS kernel available dbootstrap: status b debian mirror Dselect (apt-get update) segfaults... esp reset loop on cdrom boot on SPARCstation 1{,0} (long) Ethernet Timeouts on sun4c? extra dependencies on libelf0g ? fixing slink boot-floppies for sparc Re: floppyless installation floppyless installation. getting the list of packages for sparc 1+ Glibc 2.1.1-0.2 compile glibc 2.1.1 linking problems Re: glibc 2.1 is now on master in my homedir glibc now OK (was Re: CVS kernel available) glibc, X11 and the rest Graphical login (xdm?) GX Framebuffer support hi How Stable for the Debian-SPARC? Icons background color using olwm or olvwm Icons background color using olwm or olvwm (fwd) installing without floppy, CD or network Installing Xserver over Base 2.1 Install on SS4 Install on SS5 (no floppy/CD) Is the slink ISO bootable? KDE 1.1 on debian/sparc Kernel 2.2.x serial console problems Re: kernel-package rules file patch for UltraSparc Keyboard KSH error message LEO support and accelerated creator support Linux kernel for Sparc LINUX on Sun Sparc IPC? maintainer contacts More glibc 2.1.1 stuff More glibc 2.1 problems "most" problem Netscape 3.0 for Linux/Sparc Re: Netscape strange errors Newbie question on dselect new silo package new sparc boot-floppies in progress New XFree86 and (Re: autobuilder...glibc 2.1...egcs 1.1.2) No way out of blank screen Odd X problem with fonts... Re: Off Topic: Sparc (see -devel for origin) Old versions of NetScape openboot, silo, and partitions [patch] XKB -- pc101 keybd via AT->Sun5 adapter PLIP on Sparc/Linux Problem in rescue disk for Sun Ultra 1 problems installing sparccenter 2000 setserial configuration Re: solaris binaries. Solemul Sound Sound support Sparc 10 and kernel 2.2.6 Sparc10 cannot boot kernel 2.2.7 sparccenter 2000 problems Sparc compile of new procmail for stable needed. Re: sparc porting and wanna-build SPARC/PPC appendix reviewers again SPARC & PPC book reviewers needed Sparcstation 20 sparc x server doesn't check /dev/fb? perms correctly Sun prices Support for VideoPix in S/Linux? switching to vc from X To reinstall or not... troubleshooting between X and tcplogd (and icmplogd) Unidentified subject! Unknown HZ value! using ps URGENT -- let's solve this permanently (Re: /dev/mouse not found?) web browser for sparc 1+ Wichert Akkerman: Re: Bug#34415: fixing slink boot-floppies for sparc X X 2nd X on a SparcBook possible? X server just kills itself !? Xserver over Base2.1 Xserver with Debian .xsession in xdm session Xsun eating a lot of CPU on sun4m xwindow on sparc 1+ ypbind fix? ypbind soaks CPU, doesn't work The last update was on 20:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 276 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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