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troubleshooting between X and tcplogd (and icmplogd)

weeks ago,
I wrote that I had a problem with X. The server just shutdown after few minutes
and the error message (on the console) was:

modprobe: can't locate modules fb1
modprobe: can't locate modules fb2

Thought doing a chmod on /dev/fb0 was solving the problem,
It appears that it wasn't :

After compiling a new kernel and rebooting, the problem started again !

It seems to come from tcplogd and/or icmplogd, that was launched a boot time (and that I've killed last time ..weeks ago)

Kill both daemons: no problem,
start it again....Bang !

I don't really know how to use these two daemon... 
so it might come from a misconfiguration.

Any idea ?
Baudin maxime

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