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Kernel 2.2.x serial console problems

Actually, this is a problem AFAIK with the 2.2.x and 2.1.later kernel
series.  On my SS LX, keboardless and monitorless, I have a serial
console, from which I can watch all of the wonderful booting happenings of
the machine, and on 2.0.35 (fresh slink install), will boot and operate
just fine. 
After tossing in the STOCK debian 2.2.1 pkg, I get the following on
bootup, after a normal start of the kernel, as soon as it goes multiuser:

zs_open ttyS0, tty overwrite

Which is repeated ad nauseum, and at which point if I press a key, the
kernel opps'es at me.

This also has happened on a freshly compiled 2.2.6 kernel, as well as a
2.1.125 kernel image. 

HELP.  I really don't want, or need, a monitor or kebd on this thing, and
I am at a loss as to what the problem is...

All inittabs are stock, this is a clean install, with the exception of the
2.2.1 pkg installed. 

I have noticed that this problem has been mentioned before, but with no
previous replies.  Maybe this time we can tear through this???


Adam Smith
Purdue University

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