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Re: fixing slink boot-floppies for sparc

Steve Dunham wrote:
> Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org> writes:
> > Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:
> > > Another point about X:
> > > I'm using a french keyboard (latin1 layout) and I cannot switch 
> > > back to virtual consoles.  CTRL-ALT + F<n> are inoperant.  Any > > > advice ?
> >
> > Odd.  How can one configure XKB at all on xsun-* servers, since they
> > do not have configuration files?
> > I had a problem on my Ultra5 with the alt key not working due to the
> > fact that it was going thru a AT->Sun5 keyboard converted.  I fixed it
> > by hacking XKB support a bit.
> The Ultra5 server, xserver-mach64, uses /etc/X11/XF86Config...
> (The others need options passed on the command line.)

<whine>Why oh WHY must everyone assume we have Sun keyboards?</whine>
I don't. I had to step through install, and NOT select a keyboard till
boot, then go through the i386 maps. It'd be awfully nice if we had a
generic QWERTY keymap available at boot/install, for us Ultra AX

On a semi related note, another interesting thing, I suspect this may be
a kernel bug, but figured I'd share anyways. I've got an Ultra AX here,
using a PS/2 keyboard and mouse on it, because they're too cheap to buy
me a Type5 for it. (Well, it's an *old* eval machine...;) Anyways,
switching consoles too fast seems to kill it.. I can't trace it, because
I lose video signal, and I don't have a spare VT240 terminal right now.
(It's hooked up to the PBX for the next week. Ugh.)  Anyone else had
this problem?


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