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fixing slink boot-floppies for sparc

I'd like to open a discussion about what changes we should still try
to get into slink.  I know a lot of effort is being directed towards
potato now, but I think we have a chance to fix some of the easier
stuff which keeps coming up on this list.

One thing I'm suggesting is that we replace kernel-source-2.2.1 to
kernel-source 2.2.5 or better in slink.  Note, this should still be
not suggested, nor supported.  Mainly it's because (a) 2.2.5 has much
better ultra support, and doesn't need patches, and (b) 2.2.1 has
serious problems on x86 at least.  But this would imply moving the
altkernel (for sun4u etc.) to 2.25 as well.  Thoughts?  Eric, you up
to building this?

Here's my laundry list of stuff I think is worthy of being fixed in

  The permissions have do be changed on /dev/fb*.

Comments: there is some confusion about whether this is a makedev bug
or not, and whether setting these devices to a+w causes security
concerns.  Even the exact permissions required are under confusion;
some have said 666 -- mine works fine with 622 (u+r,a+w).  Cf
  The /dev/mouse link has to be created:  "ln -sf sunmouse /dev/mouse"

I think everyone agrees with this.  The issue is where should be fix
it.  Should we just hack the boot-floppies to do this?  Is this a
base-files bug?  A xserver-sun bug? (I don't think the latter)

  Initializing the swap partition doesn't work during the install on
  an Ultra (perhaps for all 2.2.1 kernel installs).  You have to do
  mkswap after the install completes.  (The mkswap that is installed
  works fine.)

This is definately a boot-floppies bug, cf Bug#34072.  Not sure if
anyone is willing to tackle this for slink, or if we should just chalk
it up for potato.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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