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Re: Keyboard

Quoting Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira <baptista@cos.ufrj.br>:
> 	Hi all,	
> 	I installed Debian in 3 Sparcs and in one (Sparc 4), the key Control is
> not working. Any advices? Anyone could sende me a conf file to fix this.
> 	Thank you,		Paulo Henrique

I'm not sure if I understand your problem.  If you want to assign
another key to the function `modifier control', take a look at
the /etc/kbd/default.map file.  There is listed the map between the the
key code (what code the kernel sees when you press a key) and the
corresponding function you want to give to that key.  Just find a key
you are willing to give up and reassign it to 'Control'.  To find the
key code use the program showkey (you have to run as root).  Oh, and 
you have to make sure the default map is being loaded.  You load it
with loadkeys.  Find the init.d script which does that and you are
done.  Hope this helps,

Hermano Cabral

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