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Re: How Stable for the Debian-SPARC?

"Man H. Tam" <mtam@mictron.com> writes:

> I am new to the Linux community and I am trying to find a stable
> Linux distribution to install on my Sparc5 station.

> I read your web site.  You mentioned that Debian - Sparc is "almost
> stable" state.  How stable comparing with the RedHat distribution?

It is quite stable.  It is just as stable as RedHat, except we have
more stuff, and we have support for UltraSparc (but RedHat will add
UltraSparc support when RedHat 6.0 is released tomorrow).

> Will it support RPM installation process?

We use a different package format called .DEB, but we have similar

> Where I can get instructions on how to make a bootable Floppy/CDRom
> for your distribution?

Making a bootable CDROM on the sparc is a little tricky, the best
thing to do is to download the ISO image from on of our sites (start
and http://cdimage.debian.org/ and choose a mirror near you.)

Installation instructions are at:

> Where is the download sites for your distribution?

A list of ftp sites is at:

The page with installation instructions have links to CD vendors.


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