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Re: kernel-package rules file patch for UltraSparc

At 13:09 -0400 1999-04-03, Steve Dunham wrote:
 When we make a proper sparc64 egcs cross compiler, we're supposed to
 merge it in with the main egcs package.  I think Espy is the person
 to talk to. (The reason I made egcs64 was that special patches were
 needed to get it to compile the kernel, and I wasn't sure the
 current upstream version would work - is the stock upstream source
 able to compile a working kernel now?)

There is no sparc64 support in egcs_1_1_branch, it is only in the trunk where such support exists. Cross compilers are beyond the scope of the egcs source package anyway. Incidentally, no, I am not the one you need to talk to, egcs@packages.debian.org is.

I don't see this problem in RawHide, and it doesn't look like they
have any special patches in the modutils or glibc packages.  Although
we do have a patch that they don't have.  (sigaction)

I would not be surprised if that were one of the kernel 2.0.x kluge patches. You may as well get rid of it since the rest of the 2.0.x patches are not in anyway.
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