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Install on SS5 (no floppy/CD)

	I have been using Debian on my pentium Laptop for a while and have
decided that I want to use it on my SS5.  I have the 2.1 CDs but no CD Drive
and no Floppy Drive.  Setting up a TFTP boot would be a pain because I would
have to harass my roommate to either set it up for me or let me screw with his
NetBSD box.  It wouldn't be any trouble to mount it over NFS (which is how I
plan on installing the rest of the system)
	Is there any way to put the base system and rescue and driver floppy
images on an existing partition (I am currently running RH5.2) and boot off of
that?  Oh, can I just try and run dbootstrap since I am already running

Any help would be appreciated.

Austin Godber

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