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Re: glibc 2.1.1 linking problems

James Moody <james@cr836502-a.slnt1.on.wave.home.com> writes:

> I'm running unstable on a stock 2.2.6 on an IPX. But I'm only running
> glibc 2.0.105-2, and I have the same behaviour with apt 0.3.whatever.
> I downgraded the apt package to the version from stable (0.1.9) and
> apt works fine.
> More info available upon request.

yes, apt didn't work with libc 2.0.105 for me either. i upgraded to
libc 2.1.1 mostly to see if it cured the problems with apt, but it
didn't. i tried running apt-get -f update under strace, but i get a
core dump if i do that. maybe strace doesn't quite work either.


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