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Re: esp reset loop on cdrom boot on SPARCstation 1{,0} (long)

> Attempting to boot S/linux Debian version 2.1.9, 03 March, 1999 on a
> SPARCstation 1 and
> a SPARCstation 10 from CD-ROM loops resetting the esp SCSI controller.
> This happened using both the 2.0.35 kernel and the 2.2.1 kernel on the CDROM.
> I note that patch-2.2.4 contains changes to drivers/scsi/esp.c - is this
> relevant?
> If so is there a kernel-2.2.4, 5, or 6 built around somewhere to try?

There was a problem with a certain Sony CD which resulted in this. Someone
checked a fix into the sparclinux tree, however the debian boot disks
contain an older version of the kernel.

Using another less brain dead CDROM should cure your problems.


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