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Re: Newbie question on dselect

"J. S. Connell" <ankh@canuck.gen.nz> writes:

> On 3 Apr 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > >  Couldn't lookup host http.non-us.debian.org 
> > 
> > Um, no, the errors are because it can't resolve the host names.  You
> > have to have a working DNS configuration (man resolv.conf).
> > Alternatively, try IP numbers but I'm not sure if that will work or
> > not.
> Um, no, the problem is that http.non-us.debian.org does not exist.  (I just
> verified this, and my DNS works perfectly well, thanks. ;)
> Looks like there's a communication failure between the APT Dev Team and
> hostmaster@debian.org.

Oh, duh. For now, I use:

deb http://sunsite.org.uk/pub/unix/Linux/debian-non-US slink non-US

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