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Re: glibc 2.1.1 linking problems

On 28 Apr 1999, Stephen Zander wrote:

> New data point for you: glibc2.1.1 *still* fails with a stock 2.2.6
> kernel on my SS5-170 at home.
> The 170 is, however, special in it's MMU configuration (Derrick only
> added 170 support to the 2.0 kernels around 2.0.3[56]).  I can
> probably test it on an SS5-110 at work that is currently a stock
> Debian 2.1 system, but I was keeping that box clean to use for
> securing NMUs etc.  Does glibc2.1 require any other packages to be
> upgraded, e.g. sysvinit?

The SS5/170 patch I did (which was very simple) was rolled forward into
2.1 and should be in any 2.2 kernel. Of course for the moment this is all
elementary since I have neither a SS5/170 nor the time to work on
anything, at least for the next 7 days


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