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Re: openboot, silo, and partitions

> Ok, After getting a sun 630 MP (quad processor), I stuck in a small 500 MB
> drive to replace the huge drives that came with it.  After some fussing, I
> installed linux on it.  The manual was quite good, except it mentioned
> nothing of sun disk labels.  neither did fdisk.  this disk had previously
> been in a novell server, so it had never seen a sun.  My question is, how
> do I now create a sun disk label without destroying every thing?  I would
> like to be able to boot off the hard drive.

It may not be possible as different types of disk label have different
rules about where a partition might begin.

However, it is possible in some cases as I managed to convert one
particular MSDOS partition table into a Sun one without losing the data
that was on the disc ...

On the other hand, unless you enjoy hacking partition tables, or there
is no alternative, you're better off making a big tar file of
everything on your disc, making a new partition table and file systems,
then untaring everything back again.

If you want to hack, /usr/src/linux/drivers/block/genhd.c has some
clues ...

>  Also, although the kernel
> detects 4 cpus, it only uses one.  Is the stock kernel not built with SMP?

Presumably devel/kernel-source...diff.gz can answer this ...

Another question: If you install a Debian kernel source package, do you
get the same default config as was used for building Debian's kernel

> Is 2.2.6 workable with out any patchs on the sparcs?

2.2.5 was. I haven't got round to trying 2.2.6 yet ...

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