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Re: Boot from CD is a no-go

Christopher Reid Palmer <reid@pconline.com> writes:

> When I try to boot my SPARCstation ELC with the first CD, it gets as
> far as  initializing the RAM  disk, at which  point  it fails with a
> 'Data Access Exception', and I get put back to the PROM prompt.

i have the same error on my sun ipc and sparcstation 330.

i think that the error on ss330 is because of lack of support for sun4
in default kernel,  but i have no  idea what about ipc.  anyways, i've
succeeded installing linux on ipc over nfs and i'm happy :).

if anyone could give  me a hint what  to do with my  ss330 box, i'd be
even  more happy.  it  has no  floppy drive,  and  i got  errors while
building kernel with sun4  support on ipc (take  a look at the  error:

 use gnus not guns!

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