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Re: No way out of blank screen

  I've never seen anything like that other than problems similar to that
like with powermanagement on PC's, which is the first thing i disable when
i see it enabled on a machine to correct a problem.  You may have a
problem with your framebuffer, but for the mean time you may want to
comment out in:


/bin/setterm -blank 15

That's the standard timeout time that I've seen on other distributions,
I've disabled this when I'd have machines that would hang and lock and I
couldn't 'turn on' the monitor to see the kernel panics or other errors to
diagnose the problem.  If you're worried about your screen possibly look
for a screensaver or turn the monitor off would probably work just as



On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Harry Edmon wrote:

> I am running Debian 2.1 on a Cycle board with a cgsix frame buffer.
> Occasionally when in power saving mode (i.e. the screen is blank), the
> X server will not come out of that mode no matter what key I press.  I
> have to shut the system down and turn it off to get the screen to come
> back.  Anyone know of a fix?
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