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Re: fixing slink boot-floppies for sparc

Orion the Hunter <orion@massey.ee.nd.edu> writes:

> Regarding the /dev/mouse symlink problem, I'd say it's better to keep
> the symlink (and bear the work to manage it).  In this way applications
> don't have to worry about where the mouse is, whatever platform it's
> running in.  True, there aren't that many applications using the moouse
> directly

Well, xserver-xsun does (see this bug report 34650, CC'd here).  GPM
is another one that uses /dev/mouse by default.

> but why run the risk?  After all, one more symlink is not a problem
> (famous last words).

Yes -- I agree.  I'll create a /dev/mouse -> /dev/sunmouse link in the
boot floppies, for sparc architectures.

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