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Re: new sparc boot-floppies in progress

Eric Delaunay wrote:
> Hello,
>   I'm in the middle of building new boot-floppies for sparc (2.1 
> release) to fix the following problems:
> 1. mkswap seems not working for ultrasparc (maybe all 2.2 kernels)
>   I replaced mkswap.c by the one from util-linux 2.9g which handles
> both old (v0) and new (v1) swap partition layouts.

Hrm, I didn't seem to run into this problem with a 31/3 cd. Then again,
this was on an Ultra/AX with an ATAPI disk that formerly held Solaris
2.6 OEM, so it may have had a strange disklable?
> 2. no available keyboard layouts for PS/2 style keyboards (Ultra/AX)
>   I added all PC layouts to the current sparc list.
>   Now the list looks like:

*happydance* :)

> 3. I guess I found a way to fix the broken tty redirection we have 
> experienced in dboostrap with 2.2 kernels:
> I changed the console detection code in init.c to avoid using 
> /dev/console directly because it does not support job control. I try 
> to detect the backend instead then reopen the real tty (either > /dev/tty1 or /dev/ttyS<n>).
>   Now job control is working on the first tty and, even better, stderr > could be redirected to tty3 again :-))

Beautiful! :)  Now if I could only find some pinning diagrams for this
stupid Link VT100 terminal. I'll go into detail on the reason for using
the stupid terminal in a little bit..

> No objection to commit these changes to the 2.1 branch ?

None whatsoever here. :)
> I'm now waiting for new 2.2.5 kernel images, new makedev, ...

If I could get it to compile, I'd be glad to build you some kernel
binaries to test off of, if you'd like. The machine isn't doing anything
better. Problem is, it seems to be missing some vital compiling tools.
My goof, I suspect. ;P
Now, onto a new problem.. I am damn near positive this is a kernel bug,
possibly in the vfb stuff. If you switch virtual consoles just a bit too
speedy on an Ultra/AX (<2 seconds between switching) the machine will
drop video signal, and lock hard. Totally unresponsive not only from
console, but also from serial terminal. Anyone else experience this? If
so, is there an easy workaround? ATI Mach64's the only card besides a
Creator3D that you can put in an Ultra/AX, and from what I've heard, the
Mach64 VFB code is rock solid. So, any suggestions? Thanks.

-Phillip R. Jaenke, Head Unix Guru(TM), Unicent Telecom
 216-344-2649 x4268

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