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Re: glibc, X11 and the rest

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Ben Collins wrote:

> Yes, the only thing we have is a glibc 2.1pre compatibility patch for
> the chown@GLIBC2.1 symbol, new compiles will completely ignore this. As
> far as the kernel 2.2.7 issue, it's only pertinent to sun4m and I think
> sun4d (confirmation?). I have already setup a preinst addition that

Nope, it doesn't seem to be a libc problem on sun4d... I tried 2.1.1 with
kernel 2.2.5 and worked nicely for several hours, then crashed. But it's
the same with 2.0.105 and 2.2.7 (in any combination).

> These are updated several times a day. There isn't a buildd running
> yet, so no packages are being compiled. I am also going to setup an
> email interface that can check pgp keys so some of you out there can
> try to take care of failed builds and interface with wanna-build (keeps
> track of who has what and what they are doing with it). Hopefully we
> can take care of sparc compiles pretty well with this setup.

If I manage to set up this sun4d to be stable (and work with smp), it
could do a bit of autocompiling....

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