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Re: 24bits and colors

Joshua Uziel <juziel@home.com> writes:

> > Well... then.. does it make sense to unsintall Xsun24 and set up Xsun8
> > instead? I've got only 32MB and it would be worth it if I save some memory
> > with it.

> I've never tried it, but I'm surprised Xsun24 works at all for 
> you. :)  I doubt you'd save any memory... but I figure it would
> be a good idea to run the native driver for your card.  Go for
> it... :)

Xsun24 works with both.  I've used it on a dual headed CG14/CG6
machine before (so one screen is 24 bit and the other is 8 bit, all on
one Xserver).


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