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Hi out there ...

My Debian is up and runnign finally, the hint concerning http and 
ftp solved my problem, thanx.
I now try to get X running, with KDE or something like that.
Well, I never installed X before and the X HowTo is pretty 
staggering ... e.g. they talk about a preinst.sh script, which I could 
find / -name "preinst.sh" on my box ... allthough dselect tells me 
that X is installed, well there is /usr/X11R6, but its empty except of 
bin/ include/ lib/ and man/ ... well I dont know how to handle this ... 
is there something written except the X HowTo ??
  / Nick Panienski - IT97 BA Heidenheim
 / eMail: nick.panienski@pironet.de
/ http://felix.ex.ba-heidenheim.de/~paniens

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