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Re: hi

> >         425 Cannot open passive connection: Invalid Argument
> I don't know, but it sounds like an FTP error. Can you run ftp by hand
> and fetch files from ftp.de.debian.org?

> You don't have some kind of nasty firewall, do you?
yes, there is, but i am not inside ;)

Well, it seems to me that there ars some problems at 
ftp.de.debian.org concerning sparc-binaries ...e.g. last week as i 
opened the .../sparc-bin/main/editors/ dir it was empty ... therefore 
it is ok that the installation failled. I'll try it again and again, maybe 
it is a fault of mine, im really new to this linux stuff ...


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 / eMail: nick.panienski@pironet.de
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