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Icons background color using olwm or olvwm


I'm finally using (as I said a couple of days ago) Xsun server instead of
Xsun24 I was using beafore. I've always (with both Xsun24 and Xsun) had an
small anoyance when usin olwm or olvwm. I like to have some programs (like
clock or cm -calendar manager) minimized, so that I have a small clock,
calendar, etc on my desktop--- but those icons present a white background
instead of blue (as the one in the desktop). I've been working with
Solaris beafore and had icons with transparent background or with the same
color the desktop has, which was really nice.

Any advice for getting the same on Debian?
Thanks in advance,

 Angel Martin Alganza          Phone: +34-958-24.32.62
 Departamento de Genetica        Fax: +34-958-24.40.73
 Universidad de Granada
 C/ Fuentenueva s/n            mailto:ama@ugr.es
 E-18071 Granada - Spain       http://www.ugr.es/~ama/
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