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Re: More glibc 2.1.1 stuff

At 16:25 +0000 1999-04-16, Steve Dunham wrote:
There were a few differences: They have nothing resembling our
sigaction, and sigstack patches (are they still needed?)  They have an

Christian Meder told me they were required for glibc to work with 2.0.x kernels on sparc.

additional "libio-vfork" patch, which may fix our problems with
non-cvs kernels (I'm not sure, but I've attached it so you can look at
it).  Another difference is that RH is using glibc-990329.tar.gz as a
base and we are using glibc-19990406.tar.gz.

Different days of the CVS tree. The only significant sparc change is the asm string functions, but you don't get those unless you compile with __USE_STRING_INLINES defined.

BTW, there is a bug in our rules file, the line that reads:

         patch=`echo $$stamp | sed -e 's/$(stampdir)\/patched-//'`; \

in the reverse-patches section, should read:

         patch=`echo $$stamp | sed -e 's+$(stampdir)\/patched-++'`; \

I don't know if this bug is in the primary package, or just Ben's

Fixed that already, but I prefer %.

Ben, I'm currently recompiling without sigstack and sigaction.  (So I
just have your chown patch.)  If it works, we may also want to add the
attached patch (it may fix the problems with non-cvs kernels).

Send me the latest version of the chown patch, please.

One other, general note.  The RedHat ncsd init script doesn't start it
on 2.0 kernels, they say that it won't run on kernels older than 2.2.0
because of threading problems.

Yes I know, also already fixed.
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