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Re: Problem in rescue disk for Sun Ultra 1

>>>>> "Orion" == Orion the Hunter <orion@massey.ee.nd.edu> writes:

Orion> First, thanks a lot for all the replies.  Yes, I had read
Orion> somewhere that Ultra's cannot be booted from floppy, I just
Orion> can't remember exactly where.

Probably the Install Manual?

Orion> But the odd thing is, I have
Orion> already installed Debian/Linux in this same machine using
Orion> floppy disks with a set of images from the site
Orion> ftp.ecs.msu.edu, and it worked!  It was pre-slink, though, and
Orion> I think the images were for testing.  Unfortunately, I was
Orion> stupid enough to overwrite the disk a few weeks ago, and so had
Orion> to try the new images (without success).  So I assume there is
Orion> a way since the hardware is exactly the same.  Does anyone have
Orion> any idea how?  Many thanks in advance.

Hmm. My model, an ultra5, I know actually lacks the ability to boot
from floppies in the firmware.

I guess there is a bug here in that for sun4u machines which support
it, floppy booting should work.

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