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Re: Bug#35073: sun sparcstation ipc

Note that the NVRAM FAq is actually at

If we don't hear back from the user testing or confirming this, or
receive independant confirmation from another user, we may close this
bug due to inability to reproduce it.  However, we would prefer to
confirm that this bug is a problem with the boot floppies or not, so,
Gunnar, if you could, please do the tests Eric outlined.

I'm adding the following to the sparc documentation, in the section
about booting.

If you cannot boot because you get messages about problem with
``IDPROM'', then it's possible that your NVRAM battery, which holds
configuration information for you firmware, has run out.  See the <url
id="&url-sun-nvram-faq;" name="Sun NVRAM FAQ"> for more information.

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