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I have a Sun SPARCstation 2... I recently came across this device which
plugs into the audio port, and has two connectors on the other end...one
for the Sun microphone I also recently acquired, and another which I
currently have a pair of simple headphones on. I am running 2.2.4 on my
SPARC (Debian 2.1), and I compiled that AMD7390 (sp?) sound driver as a
module... I try to insert the modules and play a file (.au) using the sox
frontend play...I get some error about some buffer being set to 0. I try
to send it through /dev/dsp...no such device I later discovered. 

- What are the standard sound device files for SPARClinux? I heard that
MAKEDEV doesn't quite work.

Upon sending it through a /dev/dsp creating by duplicating the /dev/dsp
settings on my 486 Linux box using mknod on the SPARC, I got sound! The
only thing was that is was not coming out of the headphones, but inside
the box!! Pretty decent sound as well, but that kind of defeats the
purpose of having any external speakers.

- Are there any options to the modules I should add while inserting them?

I went and compiled mpg123, try to play a simple, low-end mp3 file and it
gives some error of no such device when I use the -a option, and some
other error when tried by itself with an mp3 file. (The error escapes me
now)..I'm pretty sure this problem has something to do with the other
sound anomalies I'm experiencing.

And a SPARC related question- is there any way to "upgrade" my serial
ports? Get a faster clock on them for faster sustained baud rates? Any way
to band the two serial ports together into one modem without seriously
killing all serial performance? 

Also, is there any source online with dumped PROM/NVRAM for the
SPARCstation 2? I have a 2.2 PROM, be interesting to update it... is the
PROM an 8-bit, 16, 32-bit chip?


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