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Re: Boot from CD is a no-go

Christopher Reid Palmer <reid@pconline.com> writes:

> Hello. I hope this is the correct list for this question, and that it is
> not a FAQ. If it is, please point me to the proper spot in the archives.

> I have 2.1 SPARC binary distribution CDs, made by downloading the CD
> images and then burning them onto CD. I'm fairly certain this was done
> properly. When I try to boot my SPARCstation ELC with the first CD, it
> gets as far as initializing the RAM disk, at which point it fails with a
> 'Data Access Exception', and I get put back to the PROM prompt. The 16MB
> of memory tests out okay (according to the SPARC's POST), and if it gets
> this far, my non-Sun SCSI CD-ROM drive must be compatible and terminated
> properly...right?

Should be fine if it loaded the kernel without problem.  (It hasn't
actually started the kernel, has it?)

> Is there anything I'm missing? Is this a common problem? Can anyone
> help?

I'm not sure what is going wrong here. I'd recommend trying both the
linux and linux-2.2.1 kernels.  If all else fails you could try
booting from the network and then use the CD.

I trust that nobody has made images since my 2.1_r0 images, whose
MD5SUMS are:

c0e14b51cb21004871b5a3b23ad71918  binary-sparc-1.iso
b5d3e661c38ca54bd57058449808b7e7  binary-sparc-2.iso


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