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Re: fixing slink boot-floppies for sparc


>   The permissions have do be changed on /dev/fb*.
> Comments: there is some confusion about whether this is a makedev bug
> or not, and whether setting these devices to a+w causes security
> concerns.  Even the exact permissions required are under confusion;
> some have said 666 -- mine works fine with 622 (u+r,a+w).  Cf
> Bug#34415.

Yeah... it may be an xdm/startx issue as well... I personally
like running startx.  X would basically not start for me when
attempting to run as a non-root user with /dev/fb* set to 622.
My fix was to look at the /dev dir on my RH disk (I have two 
4.3gb disks in my SS10, one Debian and one RH) and see what they
set the permissions to.  So 666 may not be optimal, but it
works.  If you want, I'd be happy to do some experimentation
and see what I come up with.

What happens with xdm?  Does it run the X server as root and
keep it that way?  Or is it restarted when the user logs in?
(I haven't used xdm in like 3 years.)

>   The /dev/mouse link has to be created:  "ln -sf sunmouse /dev/mouse"
> I think everyone agrees with this.  The issue is where should be fix
> it.  Should we just hack the boot-floppies to do this?  Is this a
> base-files bug?  A xserver-sun bug? (I don't think the latter)

Does anything other than X use /dev/mouse?  How about gpm?  I'd
say if X is the only thin to use /dev/mouse then it's the latter
else the former.


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