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Re: xwindow on sparc 1+

Yeah, it you do a CTRL-ALT-F1 (assuming you ran startx from the
first Virtual Terminal), you'll see that it had some "Read
Error" or so.  This is a known bug... for now, as root, do:

chmod 666 /dev/fb*

... and try to run it again.  This is a temporary fix.

> hi, I am trying to setup the xwindow for sparc 1+ with slink...
> I type startx and it starts, but it just sits there with a blank screen as
> black...
> I'm not sure if I have all the files or not...
> I have my xserver-xsun for my sparc and XFree86...
> I'm new to linux but have learned alot so far...not to get xwindow working..
> Thanks
> Harold
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